I win at blogging! How best to exercise my superpower?

Earlier this week I was paid a huge compliment by the amazing Bridget Canfield when she recommended this blog to folks on Facebook.  I am truly humbled, and I’ve learned a few things as well:

  1. People do actually read this, or at least they very well might, so I shouldn’t view that as a completely remote possibility;
  2. Despite having been compelled (albeit by consensual contract) to keep up a weekly posting schedule, I have actually managed to record some insight of some interest to persons other than myself;
  3. In interest of being respectful of these folks’ attention, I should be even more conscious to offer something of value, and do so with regularity (the latter is important to keep in mind for me, because as soon as Cyrus fell off the wagon and ended our challenge, I followed).

So, what to write about this week?  I won’t bore you with how I’m continuing to chug along with promoting for the CD Release, or how you can still get an advance download by buying your tickets in advance and emailing me the confirmation–you’ve heard all that already.  Instead, maybe I’ll share a little bit about what I have in mind for the blog in the future.

There are a number of topic that I’ve talked about previously that I could plumb deeper, like my personal musical history, or the stories behind certain individual songs.  The last one there seems a bit self-indulgent, so I’ll wait until someone actually says, “Man, such-and-such song really does it for me.  I gotta know what really happened from the man himself.”  But also, I’m thinking maybe I’ll start writing some music review/critique stuff; possibly of new commercial releases, but I’m even more interested in reviewing other local folks.  I have so many talented peers whose music I would love to share with more people, and I think I’m as equipped to write a thoughtful review as anyone.  Anyone interested in being reviewed?  I’m looking at you, Andrew.  And you, JJ.  You too, Fancy.  Before you say yes, know that while I probably won’t review anything I don’t already basically like, I won’t spare any honest criticism either.  I mean, there are journalistic ethics at stake here, right?

Anyway, all that’s to come after April 9.  Have a good night kids!

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