T-minus ten hours until the album release!

And I have to say, I’m feeling pretty damn good about it.  These last few weeks have been very busy, no doubt, most days spending every spare moment outside of work and sleep planning, promoting, emailing, assembling, designing, etc…but today, the day of, I have only one non-essential production task left, last minute promotion (A.K.A. the much-appreciated day-of-show text message), and then just warming up and getting over there and doing it.

So first of all, the album is, in fact, available, over at http://shareefali.bandcamp.com/album/holy-rock-roll.  You can stream that whole record online, with the exception of “No Second Thoughts”, which I didn’t really want to pay streaming royalties on.  BUT, when you download the album, you better believe that badboy is on there, nestled right between “Nothing, I Just Love You Is All” and “Red Balloon”.  Non-local folks, hurry over and get yours right now!

Just to whet your palate a little bit more, local folks: here are some pictures of the album art, as well as the first every Radical Folksonomy APPAREL, which will also be on sale tonight!  Hot dog!

Cover design is by our friend Krissy Smith Verplank; additional design and silkscreening is by Guy Brown.  I did the booklet, which is twelve little pages (six sheets) and contains the lyrics to all the songs.

Can’t wait to see you all tonight.  Love,

Shareef Ali


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