Download your FREE copy of “Holy Rock & Roll” TODAY!

No, it’s not spam, I promise!  This is a blog anyway, don’t you know anything?  Seriously folks, the CD release is a mere two and a half weeks away, and tickets have just gone on sale, which you can get here.  We really, really want to sell this thing out.  That’s why there’s a limited time offer: the first twenty people to buy their ticket and email me the confirmation at will be sent a code to download a free advance copy!

Let’s talk briefly about good consumer decisions.  If you were planning on coming to the CD release (and who isn’t, really?) you’ll be paying $8 at the door.  If you’re planning on buying the album, you’d be paying $8 for that as well.  So if you buy a ticket now, you’re getting an almost 100% increase in value!  I say almost ‘cuz there’s like a $1 service fee, plus you don’t get the physical album, and that makes the math a little less obvious…but still!  But still.  Great value folks.  A real bargain.  ACT NOW!  Christ, you don’t know the meaning of heartbreak!

I’m’a do this MoveOn.Org style and hit you with that link again:

Remember, only the first twenty people to buy their ticket online get the sweet deal!  Love,


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