Mixes: done.

Hey there folksters,

This’ll have to be a quick little update.  The last week was spent on finishing the album: adding a few last lead guitar tracks, perfecting the mixes, etc.  Now it’s all done!  The record is here!  Final run time is 43’36”.  See?  Full-length!  Although for anyone out there who’s still scratching their heads all like, “But still, it seems like a full-length ought to have ten songs, at a bare minimum“, well, somebody forgot to tell Michael Jackson when he made Thriller, or Marvin Gaye when he made What’ Going On, or Bon Iver when he made For Emma, Forever Ago.  Or John Mellencamp when he made Dance Naked, for that matter.

Anyway, I’m still getting this ball rolling on promoting the April 9 release at the Hotel Utah.  Folks, this has got to be the biggest one yet, ya heard?  In coming weeks, I’ll be announcing some sweet incentives to get you and your friends out the night of the show, including possibly advance leaks of the album, sweet new t-shirts, etc.  Can’t you just not wait?

Also, I’m excited to announce that the first talent to join the bill with us are the somber, wistful Slow Motion Cowboys!

Okay folks, we’ll talk more soon,


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