New Radical Folksonomy album in April!

This is a bittersweet post for me to write, and here’s why: two of the Radical Folksonomy’s founding members, keyboardist Erika Oba and singer Jay Thompson, are departing from the group in April.  I cannot describe the immense gratitude I feel towards both of them for having been a huge part of my musical vision for the past year and a half.  Not only did their talents add a great deal to my songs, but I think their presence elevated my own musicianship and helped me to build more confidence as a performer.  Thank you, Erika and Jay.

The ‘sweet’ part of the post starts here.  First of all, the Radical Folksonomy will definitely continue, perhaps as a rock and roll four-piece, perhaps adding someone new to fill the sound out.  I think we’ll see what seems right when that time actually comes.  Meanwhile, the current group just spent this last President’s Day weekend recording…A NEW FULL-LENGTH ALBUM!!!  I know, you already knew that from the post title, but I’m excited about it fer chrissakes!  Way I figured, we had all these songs in our current repertoire that aren’t on the EP, and I wanted to make sure we captured the ladies’ contributions to them.  Here is the track listing for the album (in no particular order just yet):

  1. Red Balloon
  2. You’re A Fox
  3. Wikipedia Brown
  4. If My Love
  5. Holy Rock & Roll
  6. Sunken Treasure
  7. This Heart Is Not A Home
  8. Nothing, I Just Love You Is All
  9. No Second Thoughts (Tom Petty cover)

Here is the best way I can describe my excitement: our EP The Once & Future Boyfriend was my baby, and I love it.  And I did not expect to get pregnant again so soon, but life doesn’t always give you warning.  So now there’s another baby on the way and I can’t wait!  And it’s a full-length baby, a nine-song, forty-some-odd-minutes long baby, not like my first baby, who was only six-songs and twenty-five minutes, but whom I love very much anyway.

So yeah, we’re almost done with all the tracking, and it sounds incredible.  I would say it’s somewhat more eclectic than Boyfriend; it goes harder towards the rock side of things with fully electric songs like “Holy Rock & Roll” and “Sunken Treasure”, but it’s also got more quiet folksy stuff, like “If My Love”, “Red Balloon” and “This Heart Is Not A Home”.  I play electric guitar on four songs, which was really fun, and even do a little soloing in there!  Mind you, I’m no Guy Brown, but I can pick a lick or two.

So when does it drop?  April 9, my friends, April 9!  At the Hotel Utah once again!  No better place to release a disc.  Still working on putting the whole lineup together, but you better believe it’s gonna kill!  Mark your calendars!  Saturday, April 9!

Alright lovelies, off to bed with me.

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