Campaign is over!

Hey folks. My Indiegogo campaign is officially over! This’ll be my last note on it. I just wanna say thanks to EVERYONE, not just folks who donated, but everyone who blasted the campaign out to their circles, everyone who encouraged or congratulated me, and everyone who just put up with having that in their social media stream 24/7.

As an anti-capitalist, it seems to me that there are few relations that are more fraught than asking for or being asked for money. The fact that we need this invention to pursue creative projects, but we also need it to eat, to keep a roof over our heads, to pay off our debts, and this leads to uncomfortable, unresolvable comparisons about who ‘deserves’ to have money. In the world I dream of and fight for, we would all have the things we need and deserve to survive AND lead rich, fulfilling lives, and not one of those things would be money.

But in this world, I recognize that scraping together a chunk of cash for a friend, comrade or new acquaintance and trusting that they’ll use it to create something meaningful and true is really a profoundly generous act. I am deeply touched and humbled by all of you, and I don’t take a single cent for granted.

Also, I promise not to do this again for AT LEAST three years.