Tour is on!!! Leaving for Amsterdam in T-16 hours!

Give or take.  Leaving my house.  Unsurprisingly, I still have a ton of shit left to do.  However, I’m excited to present to you my very first video blogging entry!  This was a fun new excursion, and somewhat less time consuming than agonizing over every word in a standard text blog post.  But I know that though video can be more engaging, it’s also limiting by virtue of the fact that one can’t skim it and get a sense of the whole, so I will keep mixing it up.  But here it is:

The one thing I’d like to add is this packing list, which I’m pretty proud of and will give you a sense of what my life will look like for the next two months.

Passport, wallet (debit and credit card, ID), train pass
Computer, computer case, charger
Phone, charger
iPod, cord
jeans, shirts, undershirts, socks, undies, 1 belt, 1 pair shoes, cycling cap, jean jacket, hoodie
lead sheet binder, blank staff paper
2 moleskines: old and tour guestbook
neck pillow, eyemask, earplugs
Aveeno, prescription ointment
good water bottle
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, threaders, tea tree toothpicks
Vitamin C, Echinacea, tea, allergy pills, sleeping pills, painkillers, Vicks
Bronner’s, deodorant
Singer’s Saving Grace
Guitar, capo, tuner, strap, spare strings
Merch: t-shirts, 3 CDs, postcards, list of download codes
Let’s see how many of these I forget.

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