A Place to Remember the Dead is out now!

“The Tenderness In Me”


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There’s acoustic guitar; there are poetic and earnest turns of phrase about melancholy, joyful, and romantic feelings. But the underlying current is pure punk defiance — a melodic middle finger of sorts to anyone who might suggest that confessional songwriting means you have to be soft, to anyone made uncomfortable by rough-hewn, sacrificial-sounding love ballads, to an indie music landscape that offers little room for artists who don’t buy into ironic or detached as the road to cool.

San Francisco Bay Guardian

A Place to Remember the Dead mixes heart-felt longing, unrequited love, and social commentary, all with a hint of mortality. Even the seemingly light-hearted tracks are rich with humour and emotion. And that weird chill you get from Shareef Ali can only mean one thing: It’s working.

– Christopher Millard, Examiner.com

His tunes are confessional and evocative, produced in a refreshing, rustic manner.  On songs varying from beer soaked rockers to sad eyed ballads, Ali’s band backs him up with a road weary and bar/small venue tested comfort.

– The Modern Folk

He comes across as his own creation, blending old-fashioned instrumentation and modern lyrics in a way that sets him apart from most young folk artists.

Music. Defined.

His lyrics are sometimes earnest, sometimes funny, sometimes downright poetic…Ali embraces life in all its strange, conflicting moments: pain and triumph, heartbreak and renewal, anger and resignation.

Adobe and Teardrops

Gritty, hard earned lyrics created and crafted from raw and honest experience.

Gentlewoman of the Road

While I understand that folk music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I really believe that if anyone can win people over to this beautiful music genre, it will be Shareef Ali.

– Reviews Like A Champ